Lehman Enterprises, Inc.

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  1. When do you bill?

    We bill every other month. For Whidbey customers, this is in March (January/February usage), May (March/April usage), July (May/June usage), September (July/August usage), November (September/October usage) & January (November/December usage.

    For Sequim customers, this is in February (December/January usage), April (February/March usage), June (April/May usage), August (June/July usage), October (August/September usage), & December (October/November usage).
  2. When are bills due?

    Bills are due 15 days after they are mailed out, each billing month.


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  1. Where do you provide service?

    We have several different service locations, located throughout Whidbey Island and Sequim, WA. If you think your property is within our service area, please contact our office to check.


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  1. How do I figure out my usage?

    Your usage will appear on your bill - it will be listed in cubic feet.

    1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons.

    (Sea View Water customers' usage will appear in gallons.)

  2. How much usage is standard?

    According to the Washington Department of Ecology, an "average" household uses about 300 gallons of water a day. That's approximately 40 cubic feet per day.

    If your usage is higher than normal, check for leaks, both inside and outside your home, including leaky faucets or toilets --- a single dripping faucet can waste far more water in a single day than one person needs for drinking in an entire week.

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  1. When are you open?

    Our set office hours are Tuesday & Thursday from 10am-12pm.

    We are also in the office Mon/Wed/Fri, but not at set times. If you need to make an appointment for one of those days, please contact us.

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For Our Customers

  1. How can I pay my bill?

    We accept checks (if you are mailing in your payment) and cash or check (if you come into our office).

    We are now setup to accept credit/debit cards (Visa/Mastercard/Discover). We also now offer Auto Pay. Click the "Pay My Bill" tab up at the top for more options.

  2. Help! I'm having a water problem! What do I do?

    If it's within our limited office hours, call and report your water problem to our office line: (360) 331-7388.

    If you are having a water emergency, please call our manager Culley Lehman at 360-661-7781. 
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